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Bent's Camp

Signature Candles

Signature Candles

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Hand-poured Bent’s Camp candles from Black Oak Home & Haven. 
- 100% USA grown soybean wax
- Cotton wicks
- Phthalate free oils
- 8oz amber jar

Sent Descriptions

Northern Nights - An echo of our nights spent up north. A combination of orange and spicy notes, from pine and an earthy smokiness.

Fireside Cider - A ripe apple oil combined with cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, orange peel and cedar. A perfect combo to remind you of sitting fireside.

Mamie Pines - A top selling favorite. A reflection of the crisp clean waters and it's beautiful sweet pines that surround it. Cypress, lemon peel, fir, amber, balsam and moss together create Mamie Pines.

Cranberry Bog - A combination of tart cranberries and currants rounded out with fir and a touch of patchouli and orange. Sweet but woodsy!

Mandarin Hot Toddy - A spiced citrus treat to warm you up at the bar! Mandarin, orange peel, black pepper and clove together create a cozy, warm but uplifting fresh sent.


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